Work with Me

There are multiple options for working with me, including a typical 12-week coaching package, a 14-day reset cleanse, a 4-week jump start or a functional health and nutrition review.

Set up your free 1-hour Healthy and Sustainable Weight Loss/Health Restoration Breakthrough Session in-person (in the Bear Canyon area of Tucson, AZ) or by phone/video chat to hear more about these options and discover what’s been holding you back from achieving your goals.

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I also offer packages with other Tucson-area health practitioners. See menu options under Work with Me for more information.

Functional Health and Nutrition Review

For people who are very self-motivated and just want to know how to get started in one quick shot, I have also created a new option: a functional health and nutrition review for $150. This is a one-hour appointment in which I:

  • listen to you in depth on your health history
  • review your blood tests (which you can bring or order through my affiliate account with
  • review your current diet
  • review your current exercise regimen
  • educate you by phone, or on video chat or in person on recommended changes based on your blood tests (from Dr. Alan Hopkins’ evidence-based functional medicine recommendations for supplements and nutrition)
  • suggest lab tests you may want to pursue based on your symptoms and point you towards the lowest cost options for those tests
  • educate you on possible nutritional routes to achieve your weight loss or health goals based on how fast you are ready to go or how quickly you want to lose weight
  • educate you on exercise short cuts to get you moving at the next level from where you are
  • send follow up materials to help you take the best course of take action for you based on our conversation
  • Call me at (216) 337-9344 to set up an appointment for a Functional Health and Nutrition Review or set up an in person or phone/video chat session.

Schedule a Functional Health and Nutrition Review