The Perfect Stool: Understanding and Healing the Gut Microbiome – Episode 24 Show Notes

Leaky Gut: Science or Science Fiction?

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Chronic diarrhea, constipation, gas or bloating; arthritis or joint pain; nutritional deficiencies; autoimmune disease; headaches; brain fog; memory loss; excessive fatigue; skin rashes; acne; eczema or rosacea; cravings for sugar or carbs? You may have leaky gut or intestinal permeability. Learn about what it is, why it happens and how to fix it with Certified Health Coach Lindsey Parsons, EdD.

Lindsey helps clients solve gut issues, reverse autoimmune disease and type 2 diabetes naturally and lose weight without cutting calories or cutting out major food groups. She’s a Certified Health Coach at High Desert Health in Tucson, Arizona. She coaches clients locally and nationwide. You can also follow Lindsey on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest or reach her via email at to set up a free 1-hour Healthy and Sustainable Weight Loss/Health Restoration Breakthrough Session.

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