The Perfect Stool: Understanding and Healing the Gut Microbiome – Episode 90 Show Notes

Tributyrin: Benefits and Drawbacks of Supplemental Butyrate in IBS/SIBO and a New Option on the Market

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Supplemental butyrate in the form of tributyrin can be helpful for slowing motility and firming up loose stool, which is useful for people with SIBO-D/IBS-D and some types of gut dysbiosis. It also has metabolic, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer benefits. Learn about the benefits and potential drawbacks of butyrate supplementation.

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Benefits of Butyrate

The effectiveness of microencapsulated sodium butyrate at reducing symptoms in patients with irritable bowel syndrome

Butyric acid in irritable bowel syndrome

Therapeutic Potential of Butyrate for Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes

Tributyrin attenuates obesity-associated inflammation and insulin resistance in high-fat-fed mice

The oxygen-gut dysbiosis connection – Blog by Lucy Mailing, PhD

SCFAs Part 2: The benefits of butyrate – Blog by Lucy Mailing, PhD that includes lots of article references

Butyrate: Missing Link From Gut Health To Full Self – Blog by Chris Damman, MD

Autism and Gut Health: Butyric Acid Could Provide Multidimensional Symptom Relief

Sodium Butyrate Reduces Brain Amyloid-β Levels and Improves Cognitive Memory Performance in an Alzheimer’s Disease Transgenic Mouse Model at an Early Disease Stage

Association of Butyrate Fermented in Aloe Vera Gel With Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Progression. Case Report 1: Mitigation of Nursing Care Level

Bacterial Butyrate in Parkinson’s Disease Is Linked to Epigenetic Changes and Depressive Symptoms

Tributyrin, a Stable and Rapidly Absorbed Prodrug of Butyric Acid, Enhances Antiproliferative Effects of Dihydroxycholecalciferol in Human Colon Cancer Cells

Butyrate in Pregnancy

Li et al. Butyrate alleviates metabolic impairments and protects pancreatic β cell function in pregnant mice with obesity. Int J Clin Exp Pathol. (2013).

Yi et al. Butyrate, but not propionate, reverses maternal diet-induced neurocognitive deficits in offspring. Pharmacological Research (2020).

Nakajima et al. Maternal high fiber diet during pregnancy and lactation influences regulatory T cell differentiation in offspring in mice. The Journal of Immunology (2017);

Lin et al. Use of sodium butyrate as an alternative to dietary fiber: Effects on the embryonic development and anti-oxidative capacity of rats. PLOS One(2014).

Ye et al. Maternal short and medium chain fatty acids supply during early pregnancy improves embryo survival through enhancing progesterone synthesis in rats. The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry (2019).

Stinson et al. Human milk from atopic mothers has lower levels of short chain fatty acids. Frontiers in Immunology (2020).

Cancer and Constipation

Risk of cancer in patients with constipation

Potential Drawbacks of Butyrate

SCFAs Part 3: Decrypting the butyrate paradox: can excess butyrate be toxic? – Blog by Lucy Mailing, PhD

Gut bacteria identified in colorectal cancer patients promote tumourigenesis via butyrate secretion

Butyrate: A Double-Edged Sword for Health?

Gut bacteria identified in colorectal cancer patients promote tumourigenesis via butyrate secretion

Safe Dosing of Butyrate

Determination of butyric acid dosage based on clinical and experimental studies – a literature review

Butyric Acid

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