The Perfect Stool: Understanding and Healing the Gut Microbiome, Episode 113 Show Notes

Finding the Perfect Stool . . . Donor with Michael Harrop of

Finding the Perfect Stool . . . Donor with Michael Harrop of

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Guest’s Links/Links Mentioned in the Show – Michael’s repository of FMT and microbiome-related information
Donor Results Spreadsheet from Human Microbes
Forum at

Additional thoughts from Michael: 

There’s a need to inform people about what I’m doing: a single, disabled person undertaking one of the largest public health projects in history, and possibly one of the most important ones if it turns out I’m right. And so far it’s largely being ignored by all the major news media, research and philanthropic organizations, etc.

Each donor is so unique. I think I found a donor that would be very effective for obesity/weight loss. Yet they’re just sitting around with no demand, while expensive pharma drugs are being heavily marketed, and FMT clinical trials for obesity are getting poor results due to the low-quality donors they’re using.

It’s frustrating to see news coverage of the government or private sector sending hundreds of millions in funding to projects I feel are much less promising.

I have thousands of donors better than what are currently being used worldwide, yet my donors are not in high demand. My lowest “C. diff only” category are all far better than what hospitals and stool banks are using.

I’m growing more skeptical of published results. I think they’re not properly tracking and reporting bad outcomes. They are likely brushing many detrimental side effects off as “unrelated” when they’re not. And the quality of donors they’re using doesn’t match their reported outcomes. I used a 1-in-100,000 donor that was flawless and impressive in virtually every way. And I got worse.

It’s also frustrating to me that every time the downsides of antibiotics are brought up in the news, etc., the collateral damage of antibiotics is completely ignored and the only concern mentioned is antibiotic resistance (see references here:

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