NutrEval + H Pylori Profile + Adrenal Stress Saliva Test

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Based on your responses, the Genova NutrEval, Diagnostic Solutions H Pylori Profile and the Adrenal Stress Saliva Test may be good test choices for you.*

The NutrEval FMV Test analyzes over 125 biomarkers and evaluates over 40 antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, essential fatty acids, and other selected nutrients. It includes organic acids (metabolic byproducts in urine) that identify overgrowths in the digestive tract of yeast and bacteria, B vitamin and antioxidant levels, neurotransmitter levels, oxalates, energy production and detoxification, oxidative stress markers. It also includes essential and non-essential amino acids, fatty acids and heavy metals. Results can be used to personalize treatment plans and help find the root cause(s) of complex chronic conditions. The NutrEval is ideal for establishing a baseline assessment ahead of clinical intervention with nutraceuticals as well as subsequent monitoring as needed. Stop taking any vitamin, mineral, protein, amino acid or probiotic supplements one week prior to taking the test (if possible while maintaining your health).

The H. Pylori Profile from Diagnostic Solutions is a DNA-level stool test for H. Pylori and its virulence factors (meaning whether the strain of H. Pylori that you may have will likely cause stomach cancer or ulcers). Clients with H Pylori infections enjoy enormous relief when this infection is cleared. However, it can often hide in biofilms with candida in the intestines, so triple antibiotic therapy from allopathic doctors may not eradicate it (not to mention can create or strengthen fungal dysbiosis), leading to frustrating recurrence.

The H. Pylori Profile and the NutrEval can be ordered from my Rupa Health Lab Shop.* An alternative for many people will be to request an H. Pylori stool antigen test from their doctors, which is covered under insurance. Note that false negatives often occur on H. Pylori tests, especially breath and endoscopy-based tests, and even on stool antigen tests.

Based on your answers, an Adrenal Stress Saliva test may also be a good choice. You can order it from (called Adrenal Stress Saliva – ZRT) – you’ll need to create an account with your zip code in order to see the test.* This test provides a detailed look at the relationship between the 2 key adrenal steroid hormones, cortisol and DHEA-Sulfate, over a 24 hour period. The test can help identify adrenal dysfunction that may be due to stress, which can set off a chain reaction and influence the digestive, circulatory, respiratory, and nervous systems, along with many other functions of the body.

*Available in all states except NY, NJ and RI. Please reach out to me at if you’re in one of those states.

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