14-Day Cleanse

Looking for a fresh start? 

Join my 14-day Total Body Reset Cleanse for only $197, eliminate toxins and  and feel greatcleanse photo.

Why cleanse? 

Cleansing is not the same as dieting. It’s a way to naturally detoxify your body by supporting your liver’s detoxification pathways, improve intestinal health and switch on your metabolism. It can also be used to reset your eating habits and launch a new diet change such as reducing or removing added sugars, or decreasing the use of processed foods. It can help re-sensitize you to the natural sweetness of fruit and help you identify potential problem or trigger foods.

Can’t I Just Cleanse on My Own?

Many cleanses found online can be dangerous, unhealthy and very hard on the body. This cleanse was developed by experts to be safe and natural. In addition, the encouragement and accountability of a coach, fellow cleansers and your investment will help ensure that you follow the cleanse through to the end.

What the Cleanse Involves

* Three 60-minute group coaching sessions (or three 30-minute individual sessions) to lead you through a 2-day Pre-Cleanse Prep, a 7-Day Cleanse and a 5-Day Reintroduction with a step-by-step plan to help you feel more confident, lose weight and gain more energy

* Done for you Cleanse Packet which includes gentle cleanse processes, exercises, food list and recipes. The cleanse finishes with food testing to help you identify foods that may be impacting your digestion, mood, energy or mental clarity.

* E-mail support between sessions.

* Packet can be used anytime for future cleanses.

Cleanse dates: at your convenience for individual cleanses; group cleanse dates will be arranged based on clients’ availability if there are multiple cleansing clients ready to start at the same time

Coaching Calls will be scheduled based on the availability of the participants.

Interested? E-mail lindsey@highdeserthealthcoaching.com to learn more.