Lindsey is the best. When I came to her, I had been through treatment for H. Pylori and triple antibiotic therapy, but was still experiencing terrible acid reflux with nausea, sometimes accompanied by severe migraines, an almost physical anxiety with pressure in my chest and brain fog, which was sometimes so bad I had to go to the urgent care. This had been happening for many years. I also had what looked like oral thrush on my tongue, acne, frequent canker sores, constipation, fatigue and had been losing weight uncontrollably. And I stopped eating gluten, dairy and all fruit because I would get hives. Lindsey first educated me on a product to help with constipation that was very helpful, gave me strategies to help put on weight and recommended I order the Organic Acids Test. When we got the results, she really explained to me what was going on in my body, with yeast overgrowth and detoxification issues leading to excess ammonia in my bloodstream, causing the symptoms I was experiencing. She educated me on supplements that would help with my issues, then as I started them and was having really bad die-off symptoms we emailed back and forth and she was there to support me through that. Now 5 weeks into taking them, I’m feeling so good. I haven’t had a migraine in 4 weeks, my appetite has come back, my anxiety is down 80% I’ve put on 8 pounds, I can play 18 holes of golf and still have energy to do more afterwards, my reflux is down about 75%, the pain in my small intestine has gone away, my tongue is almost clear, I haven’t had a canker sore and I can eat 4 bananas in a day without trouble! And I was able to go out for my anniversary and ate bread and cheese and nothing happened. I’m so thankful to Lindsey for helping me recover my health and excited for even more improvements as we continue to work together.

Alfredo K.