Tributyrin-Max Compared to Other Tributyrin Supplements

Tributyrin-Max vs Tributyrin-X, Probutyrate and Other Comparable Tributyrin Supplements

Comparison with Other Tributryin ProductsPricePrice per 100 mg
45000 mg total in bottle$49.97$0.11
(60, 750 mg capsules)  
45,000 mg total in bottle$79.99$0.18
(90, 500 mg gel caps)  
36,000 mg total in bottle$58.00$0.16
(120, 300 mg capsules)  
DFH Tri-Butyrin Supreme  
18,000 mg total in bottle$48.00$0.26
(60, 300 mg capsules)  
Apex Energetics – Tributyrin 350 Active  
31500 mg total in bottle$55.99$0.18
(90, 350 mg capsules)  
Healus Complete Biotic  
30000 mg total in bottle$52.00$0.17
(60, 500 mg capsules)  

Plus Tributyrin-Max comes in convenient, higher dosage capsules, allowing for fewer pills to hit an effective dosage and comes from a source you can trust (Lindsey Parsons, gut health coach and host of the podcast, The Perfect Stool: Understanding and Healing the Gut Microbiome).