What does a gut health coach do?

As a specialist in gut health coaching, I

    • take a full medical history and help you select lab tests you can order yourself that will help uncover the root cause of your gut health, autoimmune or chronic health issues;
    • help you understand what the results of the tests mean about your health
    • educate you about natural solutions to overcome digestive problems like IBS, IBD, gastritis, GERD and chronic diarrhea or constipation, including diet and supplement protocols used by MDs, naturopaths and other practitioners for similar situations;
    • teach you how to reverse autoimmune disease naturally;
    • teach you natural solutions to stabilize thyroid hormones naturally;
    • help uncover obstacles to weight loss and teach you how to lose weight without dieting or counting calories;
    • uncover nutrient deficiencies that may be impacting your energy levels;
    • teach you how to reverse prediabetes and diabetes;
    • identify cortisol issues that could be impacting your blood sugar, energy or immune system;
    • help you identify obstacles in your life that may be preventing you from getting better and help you implement lifestyle changes to get better;
    • help you identify lab tests and interventions that are best requested by a gastroenterologist, primary care physician or other specialist;
    • and most importantly, work cooperatively with you to try to solve your health problems.

How is what you do different from a doctor or dietitian?

    • As a health coach, I am not permitted to nor do I diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
    • What I do is work with you to educate you, have hours to spend in preparation and follow-up to our appointments;
    • Spend a full hour meeting with you each time;
    • Follow-up via e-mail 3-4 weeks after every appointment;
    • Respond to your e-mails within 24 hours (except weekends and holidays);
    • Listen to your concerns, come up with alternative solutions and be flexible in response to your reactions to various interventions;
    • Have the time and space to continue to educate myself on your issues, think about them, and work ceaselessly to try to help you overcome them.