Gut Health and Lab Testing

Gut Microbiome Sequencing Tests

You can order your own micro/mycobiome sequencing test (using 16s DNA technology) through my affiliate account at BIOHM (see link from Shop Menu, Gut Testing). Get 10% off with code: “HDH10OFF”. They sequence your gut bacteria, archaea and fungi (including candida), report on the quantities of known phylla of gut bugs and their comparison to the norm, give you a gut health score, and recommend diet changes and supplements to help bring your gut into balance. This is the least expensive type test I am aware of that will help you determine if you have candida overgrowth, although it is much less accurate than the Organic Acids Test (see below) for this purpose.

A higher level test using metagenomics is offered by Sun Genomics. It’s called the Flore Gut Test Kit and they also offer the possibility of custom probiotics (not endorsing that, just sharing the info). This technology sequences all the parasites, bacteria, fungi, archaea and viruses in your gut, however they do not share their raw data with you and will not report on anything that composes less than .01% of your microbiome. If you use my referral link above, their test is only $147 (20% off).

Another metagenomic testing company is Onegevity. They also sequence all the parasites, bacteria, fungi, archaea and viruses in your gut and identify any pathogens, letting you know with a call from a practitioner if you have any pathogens of serious concern. They also give you scores on how your gut microbiome impacts inflammation, constipation and diarrhea; compare your diversity, phylla, keystone taxa and community to the norm; show you how your gut bacteria are at providing certain micronutrients (B12, B6 and B3) and short chain fatty acids; and give you individualized recommendations on supplements and diet. You can also download your raw data from them to know everything that is found in your gut in an Excel chart.

Functional gut testing called the GI Map from Diagnostic Solutions that I use with clients with serious gut issues can be ordered through Mymedlab.

Another common functional gut and health test that I often use with clients is called the Organic Acids Test, which shows bacterial and fungal overgrowth, clostridia bacteria overgrowth, neurotransmitter imbalances, Krebs cycle functioning, digestion of protein, fatty acids and carbohydrates, and much more. You can order it yourself from Mymedlab.

Blood and Functional Medicine Gut Tests

You can order low cost lab work (blood tests) for yourself through my affiliate account at through the link below (I will receive an affiliate commission). Blood draws are done at Quest Laboratories (you can schedule appointments or see walk-in wait times online through link below).

Direct discounted blood work and lab testing - no doctor required

Functional medicine tests for SIBO, complete stool analysis, lactose intolerance and intestinal permeability (i.e., leaky gut) are also available from (use this link not the one above).

Please note: I am not a medical doctor and I cannot receive lab results from the lab, read or interpret labs, or diagnose or treat any medical condition. What I can do is share with you optimal functional ranges for your labs, guide you to resources to help you understand your labs, share with you food, lifestyle and supplements you  may want to consider based on your lab results or share anything  I see that raises potential concerns or red flags that you may want to investigate further or discuss with your doctor.